The information displayed is for SIAL America 2022. Information for the 2023 event will be available later this year.

Koda Farms

South Do Palos,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 938

Kodas Farms is California's oldest family-owned and operated rice farm and mill since 1908. 

Blue Star® Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour is composed of California farmed, pure, unadulterated short grain sweet rice. Mild and neutral in flavor, with superior thickening qualities. Originally introduced to the American market as a thickening agent alternative, it's now used in gluten-free bread & pizzas.

Diamond K® Rice Flour milled from our California farmed heirloom Kokuho Rose medium grain rice and is well known amongst Asian Indians for the preparation of crepes (dosas) and other snack foods, and additionally is useful for specialized applications of gluten-free baking/cooking. Gluten-free, no additives of any sort, certified Kosher (KSA), GMO-free (Non-GMO Project Verified. Mild and neutral in flavor. 105 Mesh.