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Chi Mei Frozen Food Co Ltd

Tainan City, 
  • Booth: 431

Marking the Benchmark of Taiwan's Frozen Food

Founded in 1971, Chi Mei Frozen Food Co., Ltd. (CMF) is part of the affliated enterprises under Chi Mei Group. In the early years, CMF focused on the export of frozen prepared eels. In 1990, CMF aimed to transform the business to professional frozen prepared foods and developed "Pork Steamed Buns" and "Da Shao Bao", which successfully opened domestic market of frozen prepared foods and won close partnerships with main convenience store chains in Taiwan. Chi Mei Prepared Dumplings have marked the country's very first automatic production line for prepared dumplings.To prevent from cross contamination, we quarantine our working labors completely between raw food and cooked food areas. In addtion, CMF is one of the very few Taiwanese suppliers that can export frozen food pouches with pork to Japan. We also work with world-famous amusement park to intiate adorable Gua Bao with Mickey Mouse head shape, and buns with shapes of Hello Kitty and Snoopy.

Innovating new products with variety to expand the market worldwide

To fulfill more of our customer's demands, we have successfully developed various traditional cuisine categories. In addition to Chinese-style prepared cooked foods, the company established the Western Dessert Department in 1999, which is committed to the creation of all kinds of delicate western-style desserts and cakes. Up to this day, CMF has expanded its market to North America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, Singapore, and South Africa and are certified by many international institutions. In order to produce healthy and delicious food, CMF adheres to the idea of not to add MSG and preservatives in products. We also work on Halal Certified Products to open middle eastern market in the near future.